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Reading Round-Up: March

Missed a few months there! I’d make excuses about why, but I think we can all relate to things slipping through the cracks in times of high stress. Anyway, here are the books I’ve read lately, as always, I’ll mention which books were ARCs.

Talia Hibbert – Get a Life, Chloe Brown / Take a Hint, Dani Brown / Act Your Age, Eve Brown

I fell in love with Hibbert’s writing the second I opened Eve’s story – I always somehow manage to start at the end of every series I eventually love. Her characters are warm, flawed and real individuals with relatable foibles and problems. I loved all three of these books more than I can say, and I binged them all in one evening. Time well spent.

Rachel Gibson – Sex, Lies and Online Dating

It might be cheating to put this one on the list, given that I first read it as a teenager many moons ago. But I recently reread it after the plot floated back into my brain and I was hit by a hankering to read it again. The writing doesn’t really stand up to my tastes as much anymore, but it was a lovely nostalgic romp anyway.

Natalie D. Richards – Five Total Strangers

A fun thriller with a laser-sharp attention to character and conflict. The teens on a road trip premise is made tense and exciting in Richards’ work, though I definitely predicted who the culprit was seconds after they were introduced. That probably has more to do with my genre-savvy than anything else.

AJ Bermudez – The Lady Will Pay For Everything

The first short story I think I’ve ever included in one of these. This is a trippy short story full of vivid descriptions, pointed characterisation and lovely writing. Not the best pick for anyone with a fear of the deep sea, however. I’ve linked it should you want to give it a read.

Rachel Howzell Hall – We Lie Here

I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book through Netgalley. This thriller had me intrigued from the start, the characterisation of our lead is complex and nuanced and the twists and turns were very well executed. This was the rare book that managed to obscure the culprit from me for half the book before I figured it out: much longer than most manage. Lovely writing and an exciting tale.

Nicola Upson – Dear Little Corpses

I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book through Netgalley. This was a well-crafted mystery story with nuanced characters that manage to really appeal to the reader’s emotions. It took a while for me to get stuck into this book as it felt as though I was missing context at times. The deduction on the side of the reader was immersive and I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

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