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April Reading Round-Up

Thank you to NetGalley and all of the assorted publishers who gave me these lovely ARCs for this month. All of the books in this month’s roundup are ARCs! Some great ones in this bunch.

The Bachelor and the Bride – Sarah M. Eden

I went on a historical romance kick recently, so I was definitely intrigued by this book. Coming into this series mid-way was a little disconcerting at times and confusing at first, but eventually, I warmed to the romance at the centre of the novel. I feel as though I may have liked it more had I read any of the rest of the books in the series!

Crime Writer – Dime Sheppard

This one was unexpectedly great. The beginning did not grip me – I have a pet peeve for reading about other writers describing their process- but soon the plot took off and I realised that there was a point to it all! The protagonist, Evie, is adorable and watching her imaginary world come to life around her was an interesting twist! I really enjoyed the mix of fantasy, thriller and romance!

The Little Cornish House – Donna Ashcroft

This was a sweet romance novel with an easy-going plot that attempts to tackle some intense issues. I found it a little overwritten at times, and the protagonist, Ruby, was a little difficult to get on side with. But it ticks all the boxes for an easily digestible romance.

The Meet Cute Method – Portia Macintosh

There was a lot happening in this one. Frankie is trying to meet guys using contrived ‘meet cutes’ in order to write an article for her new hard-to-please boss. Along the way she struggles through some rather cringey encounters and also manages to accidentally end up in a real romance? Except that ends up being a fake-dating scenario? A lot happened. It was an enjoyable if bumpy ride.

The Meeting Point – Olivia Lara

Okay! This book! Ah! I was so damn irritated with the protagonist, Maya! I won’t spoil it for anyone – because it really is a good book and worth reading – but she really doesn’t grasp something that was immediately obvious to me and should have been obvious to her way before she was told it. I spent a long time despairing at her. But! The romance is good and tender and well-written.

Four Ways to Wear a Dress – Gillian Libby

Love a protagonist with ADHD and I did genuinely identify with her at times throughout the book. The influencer angle here is interesting and this is an example of the fake-dating trope done correctly. A fun read!

Death of an Ice Cream Scooper – Lee Hollis

This was a lovely little mystery with a cosy aspect that sometimes felt a little… overly expositional, especially in the beginning. It felt like my suspension of disbelief was broken a few times, but I mostly still enjoyed myself.

Six Ways to Write a Love Letter – Jackson Pearce

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I started this book, but it wasn’t a surprisingly fun romantic drama. There were moments of drama, fluff and frivolity throughout and the protagonist, Remy, was an interesting POV character. Also, as an aside, if a certain pop star read this book, she would either be flattered or upset by Pearce’s depiction of Vivi Swan, singer extraordinaire.

Something Fishy This Way Comes – Gabby Allan

Whilst the beginning of this mystery is over-written and expositional, it evens out into an intriguing romp of a read. The protagonist is sometimes a little insufferable but always swings it back around into being loveable again.

The Woman in the Library – Sulari Gentill

This was an interesting premise! An author writing a thriller and sharing chapters with an increasingly… intense beta-reader. The two-part narrative was an interesting idea! But the execution sometimes leads to an abrupt de-escalation of tension in both narratives. However! I would still recommend this book, I actually enjoyed it a lot.

What Happens in Denver – Liz Crowe

This was a well-written romp that features a fair few tropes but also goes surprisingly in-depth on the brewing industry. The protagonist was engaging and the story was filled with just enough drama to keep me invested. The inclusion of a close female friendship front and centre made me very happy too.

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