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May Reading Round-Up

A bunch of excellent reads this month! Some excellent ARCs to look out for too when they hit the shelves!

Crush in the Cascades Lisa S. Gayle (ARC)

I wasn’t expecting this book to be as good as it was. It was very well written with good characterization for both our leads. As a fan of Survivor I was expecting even more underhanded tactics on the contestants’ parts, but it was still fun! I did get a little annoyed at the way both Amity and Cooper ran hot and cold in such quick succession and I would never advise the way they both just sort of hope the other will pick up on their highly specific relationship cues without ever explaining themselves, but it certainly made for an enjoyable read. Would recommend!

My Mechanical Romance – Alexene Farol (ARC)

I loved this book! Engaging writing, character-driven plot, and loveable leads. Teo and Bel are a joy to read, and their romance is very cute. The interactions between all the characters feel so real! I’m definitely going to recommend this to my students.

A Ghost in Shining Armor – Therese Beharrie (ARC)

A lovely little fantastical romance with a heartwarming narrative thread of acceptance and growth. Even though it often relied on the trope of refusing to properly communicate, I enjoyed this well enough!

The Inheritance Games and The Hawthorne Legacy

I picked up The Inheritance Games and opened it, just to see if I liked the writing style. Two hours later I had consumed the entire thing in one sitting and was already ordering The Hawthorne Legacy. I love mysteries, and this one balances a fun and twisty series of clues and puzzles with a well-realised cast of miscreants. There are a lot of deep-rooted family issues going on for all of the characters, but they also manage to be people that you can root for. I loved this and can’t wait to read the third book when it comes out on Kindle in August.

Along for the Ride | Make a Scene | What a Match – Mimi Grace

What a Match and Make a Scene are part of a small series that I unintentionally read out of order, accidentally reading What a Match first. Of the two, What a Match was my favourite, perhaps because I always love forced proximity in a romance novel. The protagonist was loveable and the love interest was adorably smitten from the very beginning. Make a Scene was also very cute, though the fake dating premise made very little sense when they were both so clearly into each other. Along for the Ride I read last, but it was also very enjoyable. I love a good enemies to lovers trope. I was genuinely disappointed when I went to look for more stories by Grace and found none! I look forward to reading whatever she comes out with next.

Fix Her Up – Tessa Bailey

Very fun! I enjoyed the protagonist’s fire and passion and loved the way she and her love interest interacted. The midpoint fake out argument seemed pretty contrived though and happened very close to the end of the book, leaving the ending feeling rushed. But! That being said it was a fun read.

Unlikely Match – Laura Bradbury (ARC)

What a sweet and sad book. There is a happy ending, which pleased me, but plenty of tear-jerking moments along the way. The protagonist was awesome, fully fleshed-out and easy to rally behind. The love interest came off as a bonehead at first, but rapidly it became obvious that he was more than just how he acted on a terrible day, which I enjoyed immensely. I cried twice and still loved it!

The Bridesmaids – Victoria Jenkins (ARC)

Quite the thriller! Reminded me of Phoebe Morgan’s The Wild Girls with its focus on the complicated nature of close female friendships and the toxicity of secret-keeping. Twisty and turny with a final twist that I will admit I did not see coming. Well worth a read!

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