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Good Things Can Also Come in Threes

So many amazing things happened in June! And, my mental health tanked a lot. The good things helped keep me afloat somewhat, but bad brain syndrome has a way of tinging everything with a malaise of despair.

I placed second in the TL:DR 1K Word Herd challenge with my little sapphic tragic romance ‘Bitter Sweet’. It was such an unexpected surprise and I was honestly blown away by the news! Also, the proceeds raised from the book and competition will be donated to The Doorstep library, so that’s neat.

Also, also, my short eco-horror piece ‘Mermaid’s Tears’ placed first in Room Magazine’s Short Fiction Competition. That was a wild ride. I had to make a professional headshot, so if you’ve ever wondered what I look like you can take a look at the announcement (I’m the one in the middle).

And, finally, my short ocean-inspired horror piece ‘Seafood Buffet’ will be featuring in Under the Sea, the latest anthology from Fly on the Wall Press. I’m thrilled to be included in the anthology and excited to see my words in print really soon. If you’re interested, it’s currently available for pre-order here.

And, as a reminder that nothing good can happen without a balancing of bad, I then had a full day of crying from being completely overwhelmed by everything I have to work on right now. Things keep on piling up, but I’m beginning to feel more on top of everything again.

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