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Season of Submissions

Half of the way through December now! Time is clearly playing some kind of practical joke on us all. Or at least on me. Time blindness is a real thing for plenty of people with ADHD, and I am no different. With hyper-focusing on a new video game (Dwarf Fortress is technically really old, but new to Steam, so) I fully deleted two days from December without even realising.

I’m back to trying to be a productive person now (read: limiting Dwarf Fortress to after work hours) and am pleased to report that I only have 5 submissions left for my December goal of 13. That’s not too bad! And, considering I have a couple of thousand words for one, and a firm idea for another, things are looking good.

Finally my full time job has let up for the season, so I should be able to organise my time much better. Or so she says. I wonder if it’s an ADHD thing, but I struggle to get as much done when I have open swathes of time? Like if I know I only have my lunch break, I can crank out like 1000 words, easy. But if I give myself that same 45 minutes at any other time? Maybe 500 words on a good day. Mind boggling.

I should talk to a friend of mine and see if he wants to do mirrored writing with me again. Writing with someone alongside is always better for my output, I find. Like I have to concentrate because other people are concentrating, you know?

Also, tomorrow is the last day of working on the Podcast before we break for 2022. Wild! We should have finally finished Act 2 and be ready to move onto Act 3! I’m excited to get this baby put together, but I’m less excited for the massive editing effort I know is gonna have to go into making it work.

Speaking of editing, Seventh Daughter is currently under revisions. Though, right now, that means that I have a list of bullet points and no desire to get started. It just seems completely overwhelming, you know? If anyone has any tips on editing a longer manuscript, please leave me a comment or send a message, I’m back to the grind now!

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