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Creating a path to somewhere else.

February Goals

Already a week and some change into February and I’m only now making my goals for the month? That doesn’t bode well, does it? Regardless, let’s look at my list for this month.

Start Up New Project

A friend and I are going to be starting a new project this month: making a horror visual novel. We have a couple of ideas and a brief outline, but we’re taking the spring vacation to get started on everything, which is coming soon! I’m very excited about this and about branching out in general!

Continue to Work on My Supernatural Romances

I’ve been reading so much lately! And I’m filled with a passion for this self-indulgent project now. I worked on these a little during January, and a little more this first week of February. So, I’m very excited to keep developing the ideas into fully fledged novels.

Seventh Daughter

I still haven’t done anything to move Seventh Daughter – my novel – forwards. So I want to work on that this month after my partner returns to Australia and I have more free time.

Find a home for Devil’s Flask

I also want to find a place for my weird, intense thriller called Devil’s Flask, and take it out on submission. It’s a bit of a strange length, being a novella, so I’m not entirely sure where it might fit, but I’m gonna use February to figure it all out.


This one is because, as I mentioned, my partner is returning to Australia and I don’t know when we’ll be able to reunite. So I’m also going to take time this month to be kinda sad.

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