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Creating a path to somewhere else.

My Writing

Under the Sea

Seafood Buffet

A creature beneath the waves wakes when a boat party nearby draws the wrath of her hunger.

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Bitter Sweet

From TL:DR Press:

Camille has been preserving memories for thousands of years, waiting for her lover to return. But they always seem to run out of time. Read, the gorgeous, Bitter Sweet by Hannah Brown in MOSAIC. Available now.

Nocturnal Animals

Easily Overwhelmed

Beset upon by life, Dahlia feels trapped in her shitty apartment. Soon, that won’t be just a feeling.

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Hush, Don’t Wake the Monster

First Kiss

Inspired by Stephen King’s Carrie, First Kiss is the tale of a young girl coming to terms with her sexuality and her attraction to her strange classmate.

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Step into the Light

The Last Summer

Summer vacation is a space between spaces, where time becomes hazy and indistinct. Fawn is about to discover just how small summer can really be.

Coming soon from Bag of Bones Press!

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