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Creating a path to somewhere else.

Cliche at Thirty

If you’re wondering what this place is, welcome, this is my attempt at holding myself accountable.

What does that mean?

Well, my name is Hannah and I’m a writer. Which sounds a lot like the start of some kind of meeting for addiction. It’s more like the opposite of that. I struggle to write sometimes. Which is an understatement. But, when I get started it bursts forth with such joy. My brain bubbles over with stories both dumb and grandiose. I want to share them.

So I made this blog anew. Now, it stands and will stand as a chronicle of my writing and attempts at becoming published by the time I turn thirty.

Why thirty?

It’s a cliche. I know. Hence the name of this blog. (That and my supervisor for my master’s keep saying that I fall back on cliche so its also my attempt at owning that.) I was published once for a children’s short story at the ripe old age of 21. But as I’ve been winding down the road that is my twenties, slowly approaching the milestone that is thirty, I’ve realised that I need to stop putting my life on hold and just start writing.

So this is that. I’m going to document that here. Posting writing updates. Snippets. Writing a little about what I’ve been reading. Talking about my master’s in creative writing.

Here’s to accountability.

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