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Reading Round Up: May

This month was a weird one for reading. It felt like I didn’t read all that much but checking back I apparently got through a lot.

Woman with a Secret – Sophie Hannah

As I started a Crime Writing course this month I added a few crime novels to my list. First of which was Woman with a Secret. A gripping read with an incredibly unreliable narrator and a decently twisty mystery at its heart. I really enjoyed the whole thing.

Five Strangers – E.V. Adamson

This is the book that my tutor for my Crime Writing course wrote. It was a twisty read with a few neat curveballs including the final twist. If you like glimpses into dark and broken relationships and seemingly simple murders gone awry, you’ll love this.

In the Woods – Tana French

I love Tana French’s characters. I always get a good sense of exactly who they are through her expert prose. I must admit, though the story is undoubtedly thrilling, I was a little disappointed at everything that was left unresolved at the end.

99 Percent Mine – Sally Thorne

Having loved The Hating Game by Thorne, I was keen to try another of her novels. This one didn’t quite do it for me as well as The Hating Game, potentially due to the fact that the central conceit of the novel is a giant misunderstanding. I hate those in romance fiction.

Dreadful Company – Vivian Shaw

Having adored the first in the Greta Helsing series, I read the next two in the series this month. Dreadful Company introduces us to more of literature’s lesser known stars and delights once again. I love Greta and her no nonsense attitude and general resilience. I also love that the romantic subplot is subtle but still completely charming. Not as much a mystery as the first novel in the series, it was nevertheless a joy to read.

Grave Importance – Vivian Shaw

What can I say except I’m hooked? I love this world, the characters and the plots that Shaw weaves so expertly. Truly a wild ride from start to finish and at one point I was compelled to utter a line out loud to my partner because it was just so damn funny.

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