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Writing Update: Academic Journals Elude Me

We’re back to in person classes at work! So life is once again ramping up to a hectic pace. Classes are chaotic as always, but I’ve been killing myself to make sure that my writing doesn’t suffer either.

I ended up writing for the GlobeSoup 7-day writing challenge this time around. The genre I was given was one of my specialities and I was actually really excited about writing for it. I think it turned out pretty great in the end but then, I still need to do an editing pass or two. I enter a fair few writing competitions, I suppose, but I never really expect much to come from them. I think that the mini-rejections are often more useful. It’s like ADHD exposure therapy; I hate rejection, rejection hurts me, so when I don’t get very far in these competitions, I use it as an exposure to rejection.

I have also been reading a lot this week. I wanted to get all of the recommended reading for my MA done before the semester starts up properly. Some of the academic journals and books I was recommended were behind insane paywalls. So I suppose I won’t be reading them. But, by doing all of my reading beforehand, I can make sure that I am familiar with most of the material before I have to hand in assignments and such. I always have to latch on to these sudden moments of productivity quick, otherwise I will quite literally never do it. But I feel like I have a fairly good over view of the course now.

I have also begun setting up my Notion for my new year of study. I love being able to keep all of my notes and writing and readings in one place that I can access on any device. It means I can get on Notion on my phone when I’m on the bus and try to get some sneaky work in. I’m not always successful in this endeavour. But I find that if I have a handful of books already on my Kindle app, and all my notes in Notion, it’s far easier to convince my brain to do the productive thing. Which is always a struggle for me.

Overall, I didn’t do as much writing this week as I might have liked, but I did do a lot of reading and otherwise was pretty productive. Unfortunately, it’s only been a week back at work and I’m already wishing that it was already holidays again.

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