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Reading Round Up

This month I read a rather eclectic few books. I find since my childhood my reading has slowed down. I used to be able to devour a book. I still read fast, but starting a book always seems a chore. Apparently it’s an ADHD thing! Because as we get older were are less likely to try new books because they don’t guarantee us dopamine. Weird. Anyways, here they are:

The Unhoneymooners Christina Lauren

I love a good romance. This one ticked all the boxes for me. Enemies to Lovers, Fake Marriage, and a fun protagonist and love interest. I read this in one take, which is difficult for me nowadays. How I remember the Halcyon days of being able to read three books a day no problem. The protagonist’s dour outlook on life in the beginning of the novel and subsequent transformation, led me to reexamining myself, which isn’t something many romance books can boast.

Hunger Pangs Joy Demorra

A great first instalment of a series I have been looking forward to for a long time. The polyamorous triad at the centre are a delight. I loved Vlad and his ADHD tendencies that were all too relatable. Something that struck me as excellent was the inclusion of a conversation before bed. I find that books were the romantic couple simply fall into bed with no discussion can be intense, but the inclusion of a conversation makes it human. Weird, given that in the scene in question neither are human at all.

Show Your Work Austin Kleon

Recommended to me by a friend, this book is actually one of the reasons I have begun to write on this blog again. This is a nonfiction title which tried to convince its readers to take up the act of showing what they are working on by being loud and proud online. So, as you can see, it works.

Make Time – Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

Make Time is another nonfiction book and it resonated with me on a few levels. I have ADHD and struggle with a lot of productivity systems that seem to work wonders for the neurotypicals among us. The advice to prioritise one essential thing helped me to see that I could do that. That I was allowed to. Other advice, such as not checking emails every 30 seconds, have made my days much smoother and less abrasive.

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