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Writing Update

As we here in Tokyo trundle back into another ‘lockdown’ or whatever the government is calling it this time, I find myself with more time on my hands. Which is both a blessing and a curse.

My day job has gone back online for now, which cuts down on the amount of time I spend commuting and allows me to wake up at a less ungodly time. (Waking up at 5:30 am every morning is something that my teenaged self could never have fathomed).

I am now responsible for my own routines again. Which is a bit of a nightmare normally, but when you factor in the ADHD it’s kinda like being on an escalator. You can’t see what’s at the top, but the incline keeps getting steeper and the speed keeps increasing and you’re hurtling towards something. Should you let go? I have no idea.

I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

What it has meant is that, writing wise, I have produced considerably this week. Of the promised 3000 words I have somehow produced 9000. Which is a crazy number to look at. It helps that a lot of that excess if from writing short stories to enter into competitions: variety truly is the spice of this writer’s life. But it’s not just variety! My novel reached a milestone this week of 10,000 words. Like a first birthday party.

But, all of this progress wouldn’t have happened without me pulling myself together somewhat. I’ve always struggled with future thinking. Partly that’s why this blog exists.

A productivity tool I have been experimenting with for a little while is Notion. I’m sure anyone who consumes any productivity content has stumbled across it. I struggle with productivity systems. They can work really well for me for the first month! And then I’ll inevitably fall off the bandwagon. So far, this is my fifth month of Notion, and it’s still working remarkably well. It’s also where I keep all my reminders for stuff that my ADHD is the queen of forgetting. Like vacuuming. Probably not the goal of Notion, but a success for me.

Also, the customisation appeals to me. I stumbled across this website that allows you to make Notion widgets this week. Now I have a few on my Notion dashboard, like a clock for the UK so I know when it’s okay to text my brother. And, of course a countdown clock until I turn thirty. For motivation. Or is it a threat? Both.

How does anyone keep themselves accountable? Any organisation tips?

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