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Writing Update: Busy or Burn Out

A chaotic two weeks but now, finally, an update. Being busy is one of my many ways of coping with the boredom aversion that my ADHD brings me. And boy have I been busy.

I’m starting a narrative podcast with friends, so a lot of my free time is being funnelled into writing for that. I entered another few writing competitions, some of which I’m actually hopeful for this time. I wrote some more for the Faber Academy Crime Writing course and attended a seminar with Phoebe Morgan which was very informative, even if it was at 2:30 am for me here in Japan.

Work is also more intense. It’s almost summer vacation so I’m busy making final exams and rubrics in preparation for my eventual avalanche of marking. Also, I’m planning to run an end of term DND game for my students which should be fun.

Thankfully, as opposed to last week, I’m not feeling as burnt out anymore, which is great. This might be down to a renewed effort into enjoying my free time. For a while there I was feeling incredibly guilty whenever I took any time off to do anything. And I would come home exhausted as get an early night. But, as important as sleep is, it is also very important to actually have fun activities scheduled in, even if it’s just hanging out on Discord with friends.

Remember to take care of yourselves!

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