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Reading Round Up: June

This month I went on a bit of a reading bender. I’m just glad that I’ve gotten my reading mojo back somewhat. Also, turns out that I read around four times faster than most other people. A discovery I had when my kindle told me it would take 8 hours to finish the book and I finished it in 2. I might be a mutant. Anyway, here are the books I read in the month of June. Also, looking at this list you will understand why Kindle has no idea what to recommend for me to read next.

The Hunting Wives – May Cobb

This book was a wild ride from start to finish. For a while I worried that the book was queer-baiting me, and that Sophie’s obsession with Margot was simply just gals being pals, but then she made it canon and I think I might have squealed in delight. Queerness aside, this was also a great thriller of twisty-turny proportions and with a truly amazing finale.

Finlay Donovan is Killing It – Elle Cosimano

This book was so funny and so incredibly good. It was like a crime-comedy of errors. The protagonist, Finlay, is so easy to root for and the scene in which she finally stands up to her shitty ex is so incredibly cathartic. The way she solves the mystery being spun around her is equally as entertaining.

The Wild Girls – Phoebe Morgan

This month for my crime writing course we had a seminar with Phoebe Morgan, at first I pondered that since the name was familiar and I realised it was because I’d read her book, The Wild Girls, a while ago. So, for June I re-read it and found myself enthralled again with her writing style, eye for characterisation and satisfying twists and turns of narrative. The women in this story are achingly real in the ways they think and act. It made me pick up another few of her books.

The Dollhouse – Phoebe Morgan

I loved The Dollhouse even more than I loved The Wild Girls, and that’s saying something. The neurosis of the characters, the subversions of the expected, the snippets into the dark past of the antagonist and the ending! The ending was so amazing. I love every single second of this wild ride.

The Girl Next Door – Phoebe Morgan

This twist in this book is so well executed. There are small clues that something is coming and when it finally does, well it’s a fantastic spectacle to watch unfold. Phoebe has a master stroke when it comes to stitching together multiple narrative perspectives and I truly enjoy reading everything she writes. I’m off to read another of her books for July and I’m excited to pick it up.

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill – Abbi Waxman

This was a cute little slice-of-life romance with some great zany characters and some truly heartfelt moments. I loved the central premise of uncovering a long last family and finding out more about yourself. The growth that Nina goes through over the course of the novel is really exciting to witness. I struggled to identify with her version of ADHD, though that might be a clash of types rather than a flaw in characterisation.

Rosemary and Rue – Seanan McGuire

This book was a deeply intriguing introduction to what feels like a deeply expansive universe. The lore, characters and setting are all so detailed and enthralling that I know I will be coming back to this universe again and again. I love the protagonist, Toby, and I’d read anything with her in it.

The Secret Bridesmaid – Katy Birchall

This was undoubtedly a hilarious novel. The central conceit of being a hired bridesmaid was funny, and the characters were zany and entertaining. Initially I thought there would be a bigger romance subplot, but whilst there was romance it was not as large of a component as the friendship cultivated between the protagonist and her latest bride. This is probably due to it being categorised as ‘romance’ and not as simply women’s fiction.

Contest – Mathew Reilly

This was a recommendation from my partner and it paid dividends. I love sci-fi every now and again, and this was certainly some high octane sci-fi. The action scenes were tense and gripping, and I found myself genuinely upset when certain side characters were killed off.

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