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Writing Update: Finishing the Crime Writing Course?

So, this week is the last week of my Faber Crime Writing Course and it’s been a time. For our last piece of writing we need to include A Ticking Clock, A Punctuation Element and A Suspect Interview. Trying to get everything needed into the final piece feels like a bit of a squeeze. I’m not entirely sure I’m going to be able to give any element the attention it needs to get it done well in just 2000 words.

I wrote a first draft last night finally after brainstorming rather sporadically for the past two weeks. It was one of those times where nothing I came up with seemed to satisfy me in terms of idea. In the end, I am not particularly happy with my first draft, but I’m going to let it sit for a day before trying to edit it. It ends with a twist and escalation that I’m very happy with, but I think I’m lacking a sense of A Ticking Clock.

I feel like part of the problem might be with my general tiredness as the school semester grinds to an end and my pile of marking grows ever higher. Writing is difficult at the end of a 10 hour work day, especially when you have plenty of other commitments too. But I persevere! Because writing and creating brings me joy.

I am excited for summer vacation! I want to recharge and have a bit of a rest. After all, you can’t just keep outputting content, you also need to fill up on content too.

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