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Reading Round Up: July/ August

I’ve been enjoying my summer holidays with rest, relaxation and a few good books. Some of these reviews were made with Advanced Reader Copies of the books in question. But I’ll mention that for each book.

Beach Read – Emily Henry

Two rival authors fall in love is the name of the game. I love a good enemies-to-lovers trope and Henry delivered that in spades in this book. The characters were fleshed out and compelling and their rivalry turning into lust turning into love was an addictive read.

Witchy Coffee – Erin Ritch

I received an Advanced Reader copy of this book through Net Galley. It was a kitschy comfy read with some great homey descriptions, cute characters and coffee inspired contrivances that I could easily overlook in the name of a cheesy romance book. The touch of magic was very cute.

The Trapped Wife – Samantha Hayes

I received an Advanced Reader copy of this book through Net Galley. This twisty thriller hit a lot of my favourite beats and kept me reading until the bitter end. It played with my mind in an intriguing way and had plenty of moments to make you question what the heck was going on. I really enjoyed the asynchronous times of ‘Then’ and ‘Now’ and watching how the past played slowly into the present. Trigger warnings for sexual assault.

The Babysitter – Phoebe Morgan

Another excellent book from Phoebe Morgan. I love her writing and honestly at this point I feel I would read anything she wrote. While I did guess at a few of the twists, I felt incredibly satisfied when I was proven correct and might say it’s more to do with Morgan’s consistent authorial voice and my love for her writing, than through any kind of predictability on her part. Would recommend!

I also consumed pretty much every entry in The Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn and now have quite the hankering for more regency romance.

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