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Writing Update: Socialising is Scary

Summer vacation is always a time of writing for me. A few years ago I wrote 60,000 words in a summer vacation. This one was not as productive in terms of word counts, but I did end up with a lot to show for myself anyways.

The Podcast I’ve been working on with some of my friends is still in it’s nascent writing stages. I’m enjoying the freedom of working with scripts, a medium I find very… freeing. It’s the lack of descriptions for me, I think. I can be very impatient with those and oftentimes have to wait until I’m in the mood and then go back and write them.

I’ve been working on two of my own original concepts pretty much in tandem. One is a Magical Realism novel I began as my final project for my first year of my MA. The other is a self-indulgent little fantasy-rom-com that I adore. I also have a thriller on the back-burner thanks to Faber’s Crime Writing course.

In order to motivate myself during August, I joined a Discord server run by @bethanyhensel13 over on Twitter with a bunch of lovely writers in it. It has been very motivating to see these writers go at it. Some of them are so prolific it’s intimidating. But it’s been another great tool to hold myself accountable, even if sometimes I’m too shy to share my thoughts.

I’m currently trying to gear myself up to join a Crit Group – further accountability – but I’m struggling to decide which genre I fall into. Especially given my flighty nature when it comes to genre and all that. Do I check Romance? Mystery? Fantasy? I’m still undecided.

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