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Writing Update

So, as I have mentioned, I suck at consistently writing. Partially, it has to do with my ADHD. I tend to want to hyper focus on one thing and then I spiral. If that one thing is writing? Great! I once bashed out 60,000 words over the course of two months.

But if it’s not? That’s when I get into trouble.

So, I’ve decided to keep myself accountable. Part of that was this blog. Working with ADHD works best when there are deadlines. So, if I have the deadlines here, and have committed to writing updates, it will help me to feel the pressure to actually do the thing. In this case, it will help me to write.

How else am I keeping myself accountable? I told my best friend and fellow writer Georgi. So now I have an external monitor in someone I don’t want to let down.

I also now have targets. Time blocking is not a planning strategy that works very well for me. I tend to resist that. But what has been working well for me is minimum daily word counts. And they’re strategic. I give myself lower minimums for days when I am busiest.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Goal of 250 words.

Saturday: Goal of 500 words.

Friday and Sunday: Goal of 1000 words.

I am currently a teacher. I work Monday to Thursday and then a half day on Saturday. So, on those days I give myself a break. My minimums are low, because my energy is low.

Friday and Sunday are my days off, so I give myself a much higher minimum. I have time to work.

But these are minimums! I can always write more and, on the days when I get into the groove, I do. Just this last week, out of a minimum target of 3000 words, I wrote 4,566 words. So far, so good.

This system seems to be working for me! I always struggled with that old adage to write everyday. But the other great thing about the minimum word-count is that sometimes I finish in the middle of writing a scene or a conversation or a sentence. It takes the pressure off writing to know exactly where you need to start writing because you left something that obviously need to finish the day before.

2 responses to “Writing Update”

    • Yeah if I’m in the groove I can really churn out some words. It helped that it was summer vacation so I had all the time to indulge my hyper fixation. Thanks for the encouragement!


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