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January Goals

It’s already a week into January and I can already feel time slipping away from me. But here are my goals for the month of January.

Send Seventh Daughter to Friends

This is an end of January goal, as I still haven’t actually finished my second draft of Seventh Daughter. This goal is hopefully here to kick my ass into action! I hope it works, because I really want to go on sub with this one this year. But that involves the horrifying concept of people reading my work, people who know me. I’m not sure why that’s more horrifying than strangers reading things I have written. I’m also probably going to submit this to the Cheshire Novel Prize. Hopefully.

If anyone has any tips for aiding the redrafting process please let me know!

Submit 15 Shorts

This month I have fifteen shorts on my list, I’ve submitted five so far which bodes well for my future productivity. I really love short stories! The editing and submission process is so quick and rewarding. So fingers crossed this all goes well.

Redraft Romance Books

I’m also hoping to get a paranormal romance series off the ground this year, so in January I’m going to work on redrafting the first book and on finishing up the second. Hopefully to publish as a series sometime this year? Who knows, but I’ve been putting this off for forever.

Brainstorm for a Visual Novel Collaboration

A friend of mine is an artist and together this year we are going to be working on a horror visual novel. We’ll start working on this properly in February, so January is my month to revise concepts and brainstorm out properly.

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